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Freegle Ltd has to hold an AGM each year. The Rules 22-49 cover this requirement.

The first AGM was held in June 2015, so subsequent meetings need to be held around this time each year.

The Board are responsible for ensuring the meeting takes place. The basic outline of their responsibilities is:

1. Contact the Returning Officers to check availability for polling and to set a timetable for any Director elections.

2. Decide on whether to appoint an Auditor for the next year and arrange for someone to take that position if wanted.

3. Inform the Treasurer of dates so that accounts can be prepared.

4. Prepare an Annual Report for the meeting. Ask for contributions from role holders, groups or teams as appropriate.

5. The meeting is held on Freegle Central, but only Freegle Members can vote. The Membership Register must be kept up to date and the Returning Officers have access to it to check for any poll participation.

6. Send out a bulk mailing to all owner addresses and post by Special Notice on Central to inform of forthcoming AGM. Mention closing date/time for any new membership applications for those wishing to participate. Also invite AOB agenda items.

7. Send out official Notice of AGM to Freegle Members, last date this can be sent is 14 clear days before commencement of meeting. Should include start and finish times/dates of meeting, where held, Agenda details etc. Also put a copy of this Notice on Central as a Special Notice.

8. Upload Agenda and related reports on this Wiki.

9. Put details of AGM process for that year on Wiki.

10. Ensure someone is asked and prepared to take and produce minutes for the AGM.

11. Chair of Directors to chair the AGM unless previously agreed by Directors otherwise.