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This document was adopted by the Board in September 2016 and amended in December 2018, on recommendation by the Development Group.

Local membership lists are kept in several places:

  • Nationally:
    • on Freegle Direct
    • via Modtools
    • on spreadsheets or similar documents as backup information.
  • Freegle Volunteers:
    • On spreadsheets or similar documents as backup information
    • Within email storage, personal or shared team accounts.
  • Other:
    • Trashnothing covering nearly all Freegle communities.

The right for Freegle Ltd to use the nationally kept membership lists to establish a new community will only be exercised in the following circumstances:

  • With permission gained by emailing the community contact address for the community volunteer team, and acted upon with:
    • explicit permission from one Volunteer, and
    • implicit permission from other Volunteers, i.e. assume consent if no conflicting replies are received within 3 weeks (reminder sent after 2 weeks within that period).
  • Or
    • Implicit permission through lack of constructive communication from community Volunteers during the Abandoned Groups Procedure.

For membership lists kept elsewhere:

  • Freegle will not ask for copies of membership lists from Trashnothing, they are the responsibility of that organisation.
  • Individual volunteers are responsible for the information they keep personally or as a team outside Freegle Direct and Modtools, this isn’t the responsibility of Freegle Ltd.


  • Volunteers for a particular community are assumed to be those who receive emails to the contact address for that community volunteer team.
  • This procedure includes communities which have chosen to leave Freegle or been disaffiliated, or are abandoned.
  • Freegle will not pass on membership lists to a departing community unless it is determined that there is a legal basis to do so.
  • If member information kept by Trashnothing is offered to Freegle to set up a freestanding Freegle Direct community or communities, the Board can accept if satisfied that GDPR adherence has been or will be applied.


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