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There is a huge number of Festivals held every summer across the UK. Some are more environmentally conscious than others, but all of them generate a lot of waste for organisers and expense for festival goers.

The reuse or redistribution of leftover gear at festivals is best left to charities and organsiations which are set up to deal with this, as it involves masses of volunteers, transport and storage and is beyond our scope. The gear is usually directed to the homeless, foreign aid etc.

However, there is no reason why you couldn't do some research on local festivals to you and maybe offer to help or let them use your community to redistribute some of the gear locally.

And, of course, Freegle could be helpful to people BEFORE they go to a festival too, so they don't buy new tents and other things unnecessarily. For lists of upcoming festivals, look at sites like Virtual Festivals [1] and Festival Calendar [2].

And you could try getting a mention for Freegle on local festival sites for your community - always worth an simple email enquiry!

If you want to be a volunteer at a Festival and give out the Freegle message on site to anyone who will listed, you can volunteer through sites such as https://www.festivalvolunteer.co.uk/ or http://www.hotboxevents.com/

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