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We all have emergencies from time to time, whether that is personally, locally or nationally. These pages and contacts will help:

1. The Mentor Team can offer you help for a variety of situations:

  • one-to-one assistance to local volunteers who require help on any aspect of running their group.
  • providing short term moderation support for any group for holiday, illness or any other emergency.
  • acting as the lead Team in identifying and offering help to struggling groups.
  • offer a caretaking service for groups where local moderators are absent for a period of time.
  • allocating new owners for Caretaker Groups if needed.
  • handling the processes of running and handing over caretaker or abandoned groups to new owners as appropriate

2. There are two teams that man the national mailboxes to help volunteers and others (members, external enquiries etc):

  • info@ilovefreegle.org can help with complaints, confidential matters and are very useful in pointing volunteers to the best person to help in any situation.
  • support@ilovefreegle.org offer advice about technical issues of running a group, whether it is Freegle Direct, Modtools or other general computer/device problems.

3. Freegle UK Central Group is the national forum for all volunteers. This provides a place to discuss issues and ask for help from others across the UK.

4. If there is a local or national emergency or disaster, please refer to Emergency Response and Urgent Appeals - Group Response.

The bottom line is - PLEASE ASK! A problem shared is a problem at least halved or ideally solved. We all work in isolation online, so please remember you are talking to people who understand the specific pressures that brings. Nothing is too silly, minor or difficult that others can't offer some support to you.