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Discourse overview

Who can use it?

You must have a ModTools (MT) account to sign in to Discourse. National volunteers without a group can be given a backup volunteer MT account. Only Freegle people will be able to use Discourse. You do not need to be a member of Freegle Ltd to use the Discourse system.

A Discourse account is created when you first log in.

Difficulties logging in

If you see an error when viewing Discourse, then this is usually resolved by logging out of Discourse if you can, logging out of MT, closing your browser, starting it again, then logging in to MT, then going to "Us" in Discourse.

Signing in and out

Your Discourse login is linked to your MT login. If you are logged in to MT then you will be logged in on Discourse. If you are accessing Discourse on a different browser then you will be shown an MT login screen; once logged in you will be redirected back to Discourse. If the redirect doesn't work for any reason, please go to https://discourse.ilovefreegle.org/ again and you should be logged in automatically.

Signing out of Discourse

You can log out of Discourse by clicking on your avatar (top right) then the Preferences icon then Log Out. Note that the "Log out all" option on Preferences+Account will do the same.

Username and email address

Your Discourse username and email address (for notifications) are set by MT. (You won't need your Discourse username to log in.) If you change your name or email, then you need to log out and in again at Discourse for the change to be seen. Discourse admins cannot change your name or email.

Your username is your MT "Display name" in MT Settings->Personal, with any spaces converted to underscores. If there are two people with the same name, then one of them will have "1" at the end. People can mention you on Discourse eg @Chris_Cant. If I were to change my name then the old references would no longer work.

The email address is the one used to send you notifications (if you want them). And you must send from that email address if you want to post replies or new topics.