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Discourse overview

The ☰ hamburger icon shows menu links to unread posts and each available group.

The User+Cog icon takes you straight to your main Email preferences. The various tabs within Preferences let you customise your notifications.

Clicking on your icon shows recent notifications for you. You can also access your preferences by clicking on your name then Preferences.

What emails you receive is determined in the "Emails" preferences tab and the "Notifications->Groups" tab.

  • In Preferences+Emails (starting from the bottom) choose "Mailing list mode" to receive mails for every single post (except muted items)
  • Alternatively, you can get an Activity Summary mail (like a digest) which includes all recent activity on unmuted topics
  • You can also opt to get mailed when someone mentions you etc.
  • In addition to all that, in Notifications->Groups you can choose which groups to watch, etc - see below.

Use the "Notifications" preference tabs to alert you to new content eg by email or using browser/app notifications.

Within Notifications->Groups, you can choose which groups to follow:

  • You can be "watching", "tracking" or "watching first post" in each group.
  • You can also "track" individual topics that are of interest.
  • And you can "mute" particular groups or users.

"Watching" gets in touch for every new topic and reply, "tracking" mainly shows you new topics (I think). "Watching First Post" only alerts you to new topics in that group. If you've seen new messages quickly then you won't get emails sent.

When viewing a group, you can also choose what notifications you want from the icon in the top right hand corner of the screen.

The ☰ hamburger icon shows menu links to unread posts and each available group
Quick access to your Email Preferences using the User+Cog icon
Or click on your icon then your name then Preferences
Your account details are set by MT
If you wish, change your profile
This is what a profile looks like
The emails section lets you choose when you are notified in general
If you choose Mailing List Mode then this overrides all other settings
The Notifications section lets you choose general settings and enable browser notifications
Choose which groups to watch, track or mute
You can also mute individual other users
Live notification in Chrome
If you are using the app, access is listed here
When viewing a group, the top right icons lets you choose notifications