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Freegle discussion forums on Discourse

Freegle is moving its main discussion groups from Yahoo to Discourse. Each Yahoo group will appear as a category in Discourse, so you’ll still be able to choose whether to follow Tech, Development etc. Discourse is hosted by Freegle and has been configured by us eg to allow posting by email.


Sending out emails is disabled until Tech goes live. However incoming emails do work.

Using Discourse should be straight forward, but here are instructions to help. Discourse works best on the web but it can be used by email if you wish.

These discussion groups will be switched to these Discourse categories, one by one:

The old Yahoo groups will be frozen but accessible. The messages etc will not be transferred over.

An announcements category has been set up for "special notices":

For now: please only use the forums that have been officially switched over. Posts on the Central category are moderated for now ie to stop posts. The Playground category is available now for testing purposes - https://discourse.ilovefreegle.org/c/playground

Accessing your preferences

The mail preferences of Tech members have been set up to mirror your Yahoo settings. You can check them by clicking on your photo/icon (top right) then the settings cog ⛭. More details.

Just like on Yahoo Groups, please ask general questions on Central, techy questions on Tech, etc. You don't need to join a new category so just post a question in Tech if you want; you will see replies even if you aren't following the category.

Privacy-wise, you can post details of Freegle users if need be, but avoid personal details if possible. Do not share any personal details outside of the forums.

Eventually Discourse will be integrated into ModTools itself in your browser. When this has happened, it will replace the current Tech and Central chat facility.

Example Discourse home page

You can configure what you want on the home page in Preferences+Interface. Here I'm showing all the categories with the latest posts on the right: