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Development Group Report : June 2018

77 members

Task 82 - Finance Procedures: Review of tender/contract limits

We recommended to the Board that the following paragraph is added to the Finance Procedures:

11.3 If a new piece of work or service exceeds payment of £11k, the Board will seek at least 2 quotes from interested parties, and if in excess of £22k will seek at least 3 quotes, including from external parties if practicable. These limits were set in April 2018 and will rise in line with consumer price inflation each year. For renewal of an existing contract, the Board can extend the contract for the same value (plus inflation) without the requirement for new tendering. The Board will decide on the best person or company to deliver the work based on which is in the best interests of Freegle.

And that’s it for the discussions this month!


We have a task list which has the least number of tasks outstanding for years. Some of them were assigned to Mhairi to pursue, so are related to publicity or volunteer engagement. All volunteers are welcome to join Development to view and/or participate in any of the discussions and to put forward new topics/tasks or ask for existing ones to be raised.