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[[Category:Sample Admins]]
[[Category:Sample Admins]]
(This is a sample Admin message you can use to send to your group)
(This is a sample Admin message you can use to send to your members)

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(This is a sample Admin message you can use to send to your members)

This general admin message is being sent to all [nnnn] members of [COMMUNTIY_NAME] Freegle.

Sending the same message to numerous communities at the same time is called cross-posting. Please only post your message to your local community initially. If you don’t receive a response after waiting 24-48 hours you can then post it to your neighbouring community. Wait again before posting to more communities.

Cross-posting is a problem for several other reasons:

  • It drastically increases the number of emails per community
  • Many more people have to compete for the same item
  • The person cross-posting may have to deal with excess responses
  • It can be the cause of no-shows when people realize how far they'll have to drive

On the other hand avoiding cross-posting helps to keep things local, creates more of a sense of community and means less fuel used and less pollution. People who are interested in receiving lots of posts can always join lots of communities

Your friendly [COMMUNITY NAME] moderators.


We ask that members use their home communities in the first instance to offer and request items.

Using one's home community has personal & collective, community & environmental benefits. It:

  • Reduces the 'competition' for items
  • Reduces 'no shows'
  • Saves money - by reducing the amount of travelling that community members need to do to give and receive items
  • Reduces abuse of the system as the community is less anonymous - members get to know each other better which leads to fewer 'bad behaviours'
  • No transport? Local communities make Freegle more accessible to everyone
  • No van/trailer? Bulky items may even be collectible on foot if they are only a few streets away
  • Reduces the number of emails per community - lots of smaller communities means we have more choice in how many posts we receive and from where we receive them.
  • Increases good neighbourliness
  • Enhances the local community spirit
  • Reduces the negative environmental impact - distance travelled is lessened, reducing the carbon foot print

Thank you to all those members who already choose their local Freegle community in the first instance.

With many thanks to everyone from the [COMMUNITY NAME] Team.

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