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Cross posting is when a member sends an Offer or Wanted request to more than one community at the same time. It is particularly useful where members live near to a few communities.

Some communities discourage cross posting or ask members to wait a day or two before reposting elsewhere.

Advantages of cross posting:

  • It is what members want. If they need to dispose of something or acquire something, it is not convenient to have to post to one community at a time.
  • It increases the number of messages in each community, making them more useful.

Disadvantages of cross posting:

  • It increases the number of messages in each community, pushing more local posts further down the list.
  • It could be seen as against the local spirit of Freegle.
  • It uses more fuel and increases pollution if members travel far to collect.

Problems restricting cross posting:

  • It can be time consuming to monitor.
  • Unless all surrounding communities have a similar policy it can be confusing to members.
  • It may lead to complaints.

How to manage cross-posting restrictions:

If you wish to restrict cross-posting you need to decide on a period. Some communities ask members to wait 24-48 hours between posts. Explain to members why you have a 'no cross-posting' rule.

Admins on Crossposting and Keeping It Local

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