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Cross posting is not a problem, but some groups have a policy on restricting it. Cross posting is when a member sends an Offer or Wanted request to more than one group at the same time. Cross-posting is particularly common in built up areas where members may live near to two or more groups.

The reasons why some groups discourage cross posting:

  • It increases the number of messages in each group, pushing more local posts off the front page.
  • Members who belong to more than one group see the same posts twice.
  • It could be seen as against the spirit of local groups.
  • It uses more fuel and increases pollution to travel to distant groups.

Problems with restricting cross posting:

  • Unless all surrounding groups have a similar policy it can be confusing to members where groups have different rules.
  • It may lead to moderators having to deal with more complaints.
  • Many mods feel that it is too restrictive.

How to handle cross-posting:

If you do decide to restrict cross-posting you need to decide on a period. Usually groups ask members to wait 24-48 hours between posts. You may reject posts outright that are too far away e.g. further than 5 miles from the group or beyond your neighbouring group's area (this can depend on the kind of area your group covers (urban or rural) and how many neighbouring groups you have). Explain to members why you have a 'no cross-posting' rule, they're usually quite understanding when they know the reasons

Admins on Crossposting and Keeping It Local

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