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Software and other forms of media fall under Copyright agreements -this is the score if you're worried.

Software -- The software being exchanged is in breach of copyright if:

  • It isn't the original software.
  • It is still being used by any previous owner (although i don't know how you would know this as a Freegle moderator).
  • It's been used to get an upgrade.
  • It doesn't follow the terms in its End User License Agreement (EULA) - If the EULA makes no mention about transfers or exchanges, treat the software like you would any other work protected by copyright (like a book, CD, or video).

In order to be in keeping with copyright agreements, Music, Videos, Books and other copyrighted works should be:

  • Originals, not a copies
  • No longer be used by any previous owner.

If you would like further clarification you can look here: [1] or here: [2]

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