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The following addresses have been set up for contact from inside and outside of Freegle. All volunteers manning mailboxes for Freegle centrally follow Freegle Mailbox Guidelines.

External/Internal Contact Addresses

  • is the contact point for general queries about Freegle.
  • is the contact point for more technical queries relating to the way communities run on Freegle Direct, Freegle app, Trashnothing etc.
  • is an address for national media queries.
  • is the contact point for the Freegle Board.
  • is where members and volunteers can send stories for publication on our website.
  • the mailbox of the New Groups Team (NGT), and is where you apply to start a new Freegle community or move an existing re-use community over to Freegle.
  • is for technical problems with the website (which are directed in the first instance to
  • Communtiy volunteer email addresses are in the format - the 'groupname' part of the address needs to be exactly as your community is titled (including any underscores, hyphens or spaces)

Internal Contact Addresses

Several Freegle teams and addresses have been set up to help Freegle volunteers with various matters.

These national working groups can also be used to ask for help or advice:

  • Development Group for questions or suggested changes on running a community or the national organisation.
  • Funding Group for ideas and support on raising funding for locally or nationally.
  • Tech Group for interested non techies, tech policy and some Geek discussion.

These can all be found on

  • If you wish to volunteer to do any specific piece of work or want to know what you could do, please don't hesitate to email It will be great to hear from you!

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