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:* Other teams' contact details can be found here: [[Contact_Details]]
:* Other teams' contact details can be found here: [[Contact_Details]]
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If you are need of confidential support about a delicate local Freegle Team issue that cannot be resolved locally, here are some options
  • Consider asking for advice on http://freegle.it/central, bearing in mind that it will be read by many other mods, including those possibly affected by the issue
  • Contact any of the elected Freegle Reps directly, or collectively FreegleReps-owner@yahoogroups.com
  • Contact info@ilovefreegle.org (those with access to this mailbox are Jacky Barratt - Great Yarmouth Freegle, Paul Thompson - Ascot Freegle, David Easy - Reading Freegle and Susan Anderson - Wellingborough Freegle) who, with your permission, can forward your query to the most appropriate Freegle Team for advice.