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ChitChat is a forum type discussion section of Freegle Direct, replacing our old style cafes and offering a place for Freegle Direct members to chat to each other (and us!). Members of Trashnothing alone can't participate in ChitChat.

The discussions are public and we ask that people are mindful of others and to be nice. Engaging with your members on ChitChat is a great way to encourage a community feel for your community.

ChitChat isn't visible on Modtools, you will need to be on the site to see it. However, Modtools does offer a few options that will help you interact with ChitChat.

Modtools>Settings>Personal Settings
  • You can decide if you wish to be shown as a volunteer when putting comments on ChitChat.
  • You can decide if you wish to receive an email saying if one of your community members has commented.
  • Next to your location you will see a drop down box where you can choose how far away you see ChitChat on your personal feed.
  • You will get a daily digest as a member, not as a moderator, which will show messages in your community(s), but it won't be sent if you've already visited chitchat recently and so you've had a chance to see the posts in question. That's to stop us mailing out about posts you've already seen.


ChitChat allows everyone to post public notices without first being moderated. We have a central team that monitor ChitChat ( and who pick up any inappropriate posts to deal with them. There is the facility for anyone to report a post, that report goes to the Support Team, and the ChitChat team picks them up from there.

We have added one rule on Chitchat after a discussion on Central in July 2022. A vote was held and it was agreed not to allow offers, requests or selling of live creatures on Chitchat.

As a moderator, you also have the ability to edit or report messages from your community members. Click on the top right chevron in the particular chat and options will be displayed.