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As a moderator can I respond to offers on Freegle? -feed back on this sticky subject particularly welcome, i'm thinking about dropping it entirely

Of course you can, just like any other member of the group. However, here are some things that some moderators do to make sure they don't beat other members to the post (pun intended) and keep looking - and acting - squeaky clean.

  • don't ask for items you have approved yourself (a big mod team helps here)
  • leave it a few hours so you aren't the first reply
  • make only post wanteds instead of responding to offers, therefore avoiding putting members who know you are a moderator in an awkward position.
  • set up an alternative id for posting and responding to posts so the member doesn't feel under any obligation (but if you do this, it's good to sign your name, so that people don't think you're hiding behind a fake name).
  • state that you are a moderator in your reply, explain if you approved their post if that's why you have been so quick of the mark, and remind the 'offerer' that they are not obliged to gift their item to the first response.
  • generally encourage the Fair_offer_policy to be considered by all members of the group where possible
  • or just don't worry about it too much.

You are under no obligation to do any of the above, this is just food for thought.