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We have received a request to unsubscribe you from the Bedford Freegle Cafe group. We have acted on your request but please be aware that changes to your subscription may take a day or two to go through the Yahoo system, so please be patient. Further attempts to unsubscribe may slow it down further.

If you are un-subscribing because you were feeling a little overwhelmed by the number of emails, please be aware that you can choose the "DAILY DIGEST" or "SPECIAL NOTICES" rather than receiving individual emails. "DAILY DIGEST" gives you one email message for every 25 messages sent to the group, and "SPECIAL NOTICES" means you only receive administration notices via email, and then you can just read the group messages on the main web page when it suits you, which is here:

If you did not request to be unsubscribed, it was probably done because your email was "bouncing", meaning that for some reason email was not being delivered to the email account that you designated when you joined. Usually, that's because your email box is full.

We're sorry to see you go. Please feel free to rejoin at any time. The main webpage link is:

Moderator Team - YOURGROUPNAME Freegle Café Group