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= Suggested Group Guidelines =
= Suggested Group Guidelines =

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Suggested Group Guidelines

Welcome to the YOURGROUPNAME Cafe Group


This is a group where people in the XYZ area can share local information, chat about local issues (including recycling of course) or just get to know one another.

Feel free to:

  • Advertise your community events or recruit volunteers (but please, if you would like to place a regular advert for a group - online or off - no more than once per month.)
  • Ask for help, advice or information from your fellow Freegle members
  • Discuss Freegle - we welcome your comments and ideas. If you would like to help publicise Freegle - let us know!
  • Please do NOT post derogatory messages about your fellow Freegle members. If you have an issue with someone, please contact the moderators in the first instance. They can be contacted via:



  • PLEASE do NOT offer items for sale.


  • PLEASE - Absolutely NO offers or requests for animals, including those for breeding purposes.



for a list of animal rehoming agencies.


All lending, borrowing or swapping is done at the risk of the participants. We strongly suggest that you take full name, address, telephone number from any member you wish to loan an item to!
The Freegle network WILL NOT be held responsible for any loss incurred and the moderators cannot mediate or assist in any situation which does not turn out as expected.
Do check our list of local businesses - perhaps you can add your business or recommend someone who has done a good job?


Please keep your posts free from religion, politics and adult topics.

Above all else, please be polite to your fellow members.

To unsubscribe send an email to:


Have fun and welcome aboard!

Moderator Team - YOURGROUPNAME Freegle Café Group

DISCLAIMER: Freegle puts people who have unwanted items in touch with people who want those items. Because of how it works, Freegle never sees or checks items and they may not be in working order. Posting an advert or responding to an advert does not guarantee you will be able to get rid of unwanted items or get the items you want. Any agreement you reach about any items will be between the person requesting or advertising items and you. It is your responsibility to ensure you are not breaking any laws in offering or getting goods through Freegle.

SAFETY NOTICE: Members of this group use it entirely at their own risk. Please take all reasonable measures to protect yourself and your family's safety and privacy when posting to the list or collecting an item.