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Cafe Groups - General Info

As a Freegle group moderator or owner you may choose to create either a local cafe group for your own group, or combine with other local moderators to create a combined area cafe group.

Cafe groups are useful so that those issues and items which are not suitable for the main Freegle group can be redirected elsewhere.

A cafe group is simply another Yahoo group which is set up in the same manner as the main group via :

It is suggested that the group is set up in the same category as the main group e.g.


but is not listed in the main Yahoo! index. This will help ensure that the group is not joined in error by members looking for the main Freegle group, and perhaps help keep the group clear of spammers.

You can link to the cafe group from your main group guidelines and provide a link from your homepage - that should be sufficient to let group members be aware of its existence.

It would also be useful to send out an admin announcing your cafe group on the main Freegle group once it has been created. If you have an automatic signature on your outgoing emails to Freegle group members you could add a link to the cafe group and also include it in your welcome message from the main website.

What Can Cafes Be Used For?

Cafe groups are useful for allowing those topics which are not generally allowed on the main Freegle group.

Request Information, Services or Help

Members may want to request information about local services and ask for recommendations for local tradespeople. They may wish to advertise local community events or ask for volunteers to help out. They may wish to ask for help (perhaps moving a large or bulky item) or get information about where they can buy a particular item or get a particular service.

You should decide whether you want to allow members to offer their own services and advertise their businesses directly on the group. You may prefer to ask that members place their adverts in a database or the links section of the group instead. Find a template database here.

Borrowing and Swapping

You can allow borrowing and swapping if you wish, but may like to make it clear to members upon joining that you will not get involved if there is a problem encountered.


If your main Freegle group allows pet offer or wanted messages, it would be wise to make sure your pet moderator (if you have one) is also a cafe member.

If your group does not allow pets, be aware that the issue may be raised in the cafe. Provide a list of animal rehoming links, and also links to local animal charities too. A list of national links can be found on this page here.



Vouchers and Coupons

As these items are not technically able to be saved from landfill, or they may require further spend in order to be used, you may wish to ask members to offer/request vouchers and coupons on your cafe group.

Technical Stuff

Cafe groups are chat groups; this means that unlike the main Freegle group where emails from the group are sent directly to members, the messages should go onto the list.

To do this, ensure your group settings are as follows:

Click on the Yahoo! group Management link


  • Group Settings
  • Messages
  • Posting and Archives (edit)
Who Can Post
[All Members] This ensures the group is a chat group
[New Members] You may wish to moderate new members upon joining to ensure they are not spammers and then unmoderate after their first message to the group
[Exclude from site and emails]
Spam Filter
[Choose whichever option you prefer]
Archive Options Access

Note : you may wish to limit who has access to uploading files and creating links on the cafe group.

Auto Send Files

Please find below a number of files that you can use for setting up your own cafe group.