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Below is a selection of admins that have been pillaged (with permission) from various Freegle groups that all basically contain the same message. You are welcome to use them in their entirety or otherwise.

Be Nice

We've found that the vast majority of members are very nice folk, who are naturally courteous and polite, so this probably won't apply to most of you, as you'll do it anyway, thank you (but please read it anyway). However, there are a minority of members who don't seem to have grasped the message that you get a much better reaction from other members if you're nice to them.

For those to whom being nice doesn't come naturally, here are some guidelines:

1) Don't demand, beg, or exaggerate the situation in your posts or replies. Keep it simple, polite and factual.

2) Reply ONCE to posts. Many items are very popular, and it's totally unreasonable to expect personal replies to every message, especially if the original post was an offer. This isn't the offerer being rude, but practical. If you've had 20-30 replies, it just takes too much time to send individual emails. It's actually a group recommendation that the taken message be used to thank all those who responded, rather than attempt individual emails.

3) Communicate effectively. If you're collecting or delivering, make sure that you have enough information to actually find the address. Make sure that you can contact the other person if some problem arises - there's nothing more frustrating than a 'no-show'. A call to say you'll be a bit late or would like to rearrange is the minimum courtesy you should be extending.

4) Don't ask for something on the off chance you might get it. If you can use it, good, but one of the annoyances of Freegle is members asking needlessly for items they don't really want (as they often change their minds, and, rudely, then don't collect).

5) Use the fair offer policy. This gives members with limited web access time to reply. It's sad when somebody with a real need doesn't even see an offer before it's been taken, precisely because they don't have the same access to the web as more fortunate members.

6) Most of all (and it shouldn't need to be said) don't be rude, abusive, annoying or demanding towards other members. Anything which would be considered flaming in a discussion forum is definitely out, and should be reported to the moderators at the owner address.

Thanks for reading this, and for keeping the group such a nice place.



Please send any responses to: [GROUP_NAME]

It costs nowt t be nice!

All items on this group are gifts - donated for free and without strings. In return, we feel that the members who offer these things are entitled to at least one thing - a little common courtesy.

Please give the following some thought, (it may also improve your chances of success).

1. Be polite, show some manners, and don't forget to SAY PLEASE!

2. String a coherent sentence together – Don't just say 'I need it', 'I'll take it off your hands' or 'I'll have it' etc.

3. Don't use 'txt spk' because it just annoys our more mature members, which means that you have NO CHANCE of success!

4. It's very annoying to be bombarded with emails, ONE is enough. After a day or so (If no 'Taken' has been posted) send another. If you still get no reply – Let It Go !

5. When you arrange a collection, BE PROMPT.

6. KEEP APPOINTMENTS - `No Shows' are not acceptable.

7. You MUST declare your intention of re-selling any item(s) that you receive from our members.

And finally, when you receive an item please consider sending a THANK YOU email directly to the member who gave it.

Thank You.

Xxx Group Moderators.

Keep it nice folks

In response to a recent complaint, I would like to remind you to BE NICE to each other.

We are all collectively doing something pretty good here, and I like to think of Freegle as sort of removed from the general dog eat dog frenzy that goes down on the rest of this planet most of the time (rather optimistic and deluded of me I know).

Freegle is about saving stuff from landfill, whilst infecting the community at large with a general sense of altruism...

So please, leave any emotional baggage at the door, and if your not actually a very nice person, just humour me, and pretend.

I am now going to clamber down from the moral higher ground and get down to the nitty gritty, if you have any issues or complaints please report them to us -the mods team and *please* refrain from sending abusive or rude emails to other members.

We can be reached at:

If you would like to enter into a dialogue with everybody about this, do not respond on this list -join our cafe group which can be found here:

thanks everyone

xxx on behalf of the xxx moderating team


ADMIN: Please read

Dear members,

Sorry to invade your inbox but we have had a couple of reports about members not following the "be nice" rule on * your group name here *

Please only respond to WANTEDs if you have the item that is being sought and to OFFERS if you genuinely would like to have the item and can collect it.

Please do not respond with comments or critical remarks.

If anyone believes that there is a post that is inappropriate, please advise the moderators rather than sending anything critical to the member concerned.

Thanks very much

your moderators