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Freegle has banners that you can borrow to promote Freegle at local or national events - see images below.

To request a banner, please post a message on Central with the word Banner in the subject line. Alternatively, email

There's also a paper banner that you can print out on ten A4 pages and stick together:

Banner #1 cloth Banner #1 PDF file: FreegleBanner1.pdf

Banner #2 cloth Banner #2 PDF file: FreegleBanner2.pdf

Banner #3 plasticy Banner #3 180cm x 67 cm. Will need posting in a cardboard tube.

Banner #4 canvas and felt 


In theory banner #4 is available for UK-wide loan, as long as it is not out over the 3rd Saturday of any January, March, May, July, September or November.

It would be though quite heavy to post because it is made of canvas, so hand-to-hand loans and returns would be ideal. Located in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire -

Email here to Borrow Banner #4

PDF and EPS versions of these banners are stored on Central:

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