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(Back up your Members list in Mod Tools)
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*Yahoo Posting Status
*Yahoo Posting Status
*Settings on Group
*Settings on Group
*Our Posting Status
*Posting Status

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Go to the Mod Tools > Members > Approved page

Select the Export button

The download can take several minutes, depending on the size of your group.

It arrives as a file called members.csv which lists members under the following headings, some of which will be empty. It is a spreadsheet, so you can sort the cells into a different order if you like.

  • Unique ID
  • Display Name
  • Yahoo ID
  • Yahoo Alias
  • Email on Group
  • Joined
  • Role on Group
  • Other emails
  • Yahoo Delivery Type
  • Yahoo Posting Status
  • Settings on Group
  • Posting Status
  • Bouncing

Save the file with a meaningful name e.g. GROUPNAME_membership_date.

If you upload a copy to your mods group, it will be accessible all members of your mod team.