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This is a sample message you can use if someone queries whether Freegle is a Charity.

Hi there

Thanks for getting in touch.

Freegle is not registered with the Charity Commission, which issues charity numbers, but we are registered as charitable with the FCA. This is because our organisational structure is a type of cooperative, a Registered Society for the Benefit of the Community. Our registration number with the FCA is 32410R ( We are also registered with HMRC as charitable (our ref. XT32865), so we are legally a charity and can claim Gift Aid, but of a slightly different type that you might be used to.

We are a totally online organisation with no central office, we all work from our own homes, so the organisation address in Chipping belongs to one of our Board of Directors, which he has kindly let Freegle use as a registered address.

I hope that helps.

Warm regards

Link: Sample Messages