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*[[Admin Feedback System]]
*[[Admin Feedback System]]
*Announce [[Leaving Yahoo]]
*Announce [[Leaving Yahoo]]
*Announce [[MM Admin]]
*MM and plug in [[Reminder]]  
*MM and plug in [[Reminder]]  
*[[Sample Republisher Admins]]  
*[[Sample Republisher Admins]]  

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Group Admin Messages

ADMINS are emails you send out to the whole group, either in response to a problem that's arisen or maybe because you have some good news! ie: to announce a membership milestone or to announce your plans to be doing a stall at the local green fair. ADMINS are sent out via the Special Notices option.

Here are a selection of standard ADMINS for your perusal. Feel free to use them as they are or adapt them to your needs.

The Freegle website has an agreed set of Terms for Freegle Users which apply for all those members that use Freegle via Freegle Direct.


These can be sent in response to Freegle issues that commonly arise.

Use the Group

Here are some which encourage more use of Freegle:

Techy Admins

Technical innovations and explanations:

Moderation Extension reference/s:

ADMIN Messages = http://wiki.modplugin.org/Standard_Messages#ADMIN_Messages

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