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This is an Admin message you can use to send to your members about the Feedback System

We are pleased to announce we have an automated feedback system in place.
We do get complaints about failures to collect items or respond to members. We know that many members don’t report no shows and give up resulting in more stuff going to landfill. So in place now, is an info button at the bottom of the Chat at [1]. This will give you some basic information about the member requesting your item.
We hope this will encourage people to only ask for an item if they are going to be able to collect it, because everyone can see if you have asked for items but not collected. To allow for a one off genuine change of mind, it will only start after a second time the unpromise button is used for a member within a 90 day period. We believe if a person has to be unpromised more than once, people should see that they are less likely to actually collect their item.
It will also show how many times/items the member has collected so you can chose to offer to a member shown to be reliable or one who rarely asks. Example below.

*Ely Freegle, 4.9 miles away.
*Freegler since 20th July 2013.
*We don't know how long they typically take to reply.
*Not received any items yet so far as we know.
*Activity in the last 90 days:
1 reply.
No recent OFFERs.
No recent WANTEDs.

This system is automated so we cannot change it. If you have a ‘failed to collect’ marked against you, you will have to wait 90 days for it to be removed. It is up to you to collect as promised.

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