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This page is now obsolete due to dropping support for Yahoo Groups. Archived November 2018

These are sample messages you could send to a group member

Hi there

Sorry to return your message, but there is some information missing in the subject/title line. It should include 3 parts:

  • status (Offered, Taken, Wanted or Received)
  • a short description of item
  • location (the first part of your postcode and a general area indication)

Please can you add in the missing information and resubmit your message?


xxxxxxx moderator


Please remember OFFER, WANTED - ITEM and LOCATION.

Perhaps try our message maker:


or download the plugin for Internet Explorer or Firefox which will help you format your messages correctly. Please go to http://wiki.memberplugin.org and follow the instructions to install it.

If $groupname is not your most local group, please can you post there first and then try $groupname 24 hours after your message has been posted there.

Kind Regards

$myname Group Moderator $owneremail