Group Affiliation Team

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Group Affiliation Team - GAT

This document was discussed on Start and Structure working groups and put forward for adoption by the Reps to Central in February 2011 [1][2]


Definitions: Freegle Volunteer(s) - voting member(s) of Freegle
Rep(s) - member(s) of or the body of the Freegle Representative Group
Central - Freegle UK Central Yahoo group
GAT Procedures - Procedures agreed which detail the process and rules of group affiliation
Appeals Panel - panel convened under the procedures agreed

1. Role

The Group Affiliation Team (GAT) is a small closed team made up of Freegle Volunteers. This team assesses applications for new or existing groups that would like to affiliate with Freegle.

2. Remit

To assess applications for new or existing groups to affiliate with Freegle, asking re-use groups which already cover the area if they would like to discuss the possibility of affiliating with Freegle instead of a new group being formed, consulting with local Freegle groups, whilst researching and taking into account the geography, demography and population size which is likely to support the ethos of Freegle as a local resource.

3. Membership Policy

3.1 Appointment of GAT Members

3.1.1 If GAT need additional team members, the vacancy will be advertised on Central, open to all to apply. GAT will carry out a fair selection process, which will be recorded, and will decide who they would like to join the team. This decision must have the support of all of the GAT members. The name will be put forward to the Reps for ratification, and the decision will then be final. A list of the names of suitable candidates who were not selected will be retained by GAT and Reps for future requirements.

3.1.2 The criteria to be used for inclusion/exclusion of candidate as a GAT member will be:

a. the candidate must be a Freegle Volunteer.
b. relevant experience (for example, time served as a Yahoo group moderator, good communication skills, respect for confidentiality, ability to research and understand different areas of the UK). The full range of desirable skills and experience will be included on the application form for GAT membership.

3.1.3 Unsuccessful applicants will be notified and private feedback can be requested from the GAT.

3.2 Review of GAT Members

3.2.1 GAT membership will be reviewed by the Reps annually in an appraisal. This will enable a review time for each team member by the GAT and Reps on whether it is appropriate for membership to continue. The annual appraisal will take place at the same time as the Reps review in section 5 of this document. The appraisal will comprise a confidential peer review by GAT members and the Observer(s) in which each will score each of the other team members as " Acceptable" or "Weak" on the following criteria:

  • evidence of ability to perform assigned duties within the team
  • evidence of undertaking assigned duties within the team
  • contribution to team working
  • maintaining regular internet access and advising when away
  • evidence of ability to respect confidentiality
  • evidence of ability to follow procedures with little support from other team members
  • declarations of conflict of interest when appropriate

Each GAT member will also confirm whether they are content to continue with that member on the team. The Reps will consider all of the peer reviews and decide whether to make changes to the composition of the GAT. If a team member is not appropriate Reps can remove them if they do not stand down. The Reps decision will be final.

3.2.2 If a GAT member is felt to be acting inappropriately and their membership on the GAT is felt by other members to be intolerable, representations can be made direct to the Reps to have the annual review brought forward. It will be the Reps decision whether an earlier review is warranted.

4. Working Practice

4.1 Any member of the GAT who believes they have any conflict of interest, in respect of a particular group applicant or the area applied for, will not be part of the decision making process for that case, but can provide local background information if required.

4.2 There will be at least one Rep Observer on the group used by GAT. The observer(s) will seek to spot if a particular case highlights general matters of policy and issues which cross working groups and team boundaries.

4.3 If an appeal is made against a GAT decision, it will be directed to and considered by the Appeals Panel. GAT will make appropriate representations to the Appeals Panel.

4.4 The working space for GAT is

4.5 All team members will assess group applications in accordance with the agreed GAT Procedures

4.6 A monthly report to Central will be given by GAT, giving statistics of enquiries and pending, rejected and approved applications.

5. Review of this Document

The Reps will review the terms of this document on an annual basis and report the outcome of that review to Freegle Volunteers as part of their normal reporting protocols to Central.