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This page and facility is now obsolete, so has been categorised as an historic document.

The Find a Freegle Group interactive map is on

This interactive map tool can also be used elsewhere as publicity for Freegle, ie put on your group homepage, added to your blog, website or iGoogle page. There's also a Facebook app version. Please consult the Maps page for details of all the available Freegle maps.

  • To add the tool to your Yahoo group homepage, use an IFrame.
  • To add the tool to a blog or webpage use a Google gadget or an IFrame.

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The Find a Group interactive map tools all do the same job - showing a map of green Freegle group markers to help people find their nearest Freegle group. The tool currently only shows pinpoint markers for each group. However if the group map data is updated to include group areas then rough group boundaries could also be shown.

All the Find a Group tools (apart from the basic map) provide a search facility as follows:

Enter a place name in the text box and press Search. The tool searches for a matching UK placename or postcode, then zooms in on that location. The nearby groups are listed below the search box and shown as red markers on the map. If there is no match then a message box tells you so.
Find a Group screenshot

Basic map

The basic interactive map shows all UK Freegle groups. There is no group search but you can move and zoom in using the standard Google Maps interface.

Find a Group web page

The web page shows the whole UK map if you click on Interactive Map or do a search. Clicking on a region name takes you to a list of groups in that region along with a zoomed in map.

Google mapplet

A Google mapplet lets you Find a Group within the Google Maps interface. Go here: Freegle Find a Group Mappletand then click "Add it to Maps". If you then click "Back to Google Maps" you should see it in Google Maps. If not, click on My Maps then "Freegle recyc­ling groups".

Google no longer supports mapplets.


Using an iframe you can add the Find a Group tool to your Yahoo group home page or most other web sites. To add it to your Yahoo home page description, you must be an Official group. This screenshot shows how it looks in action:

Screenshot of Find a Group in action on a Yahoo group home page

To get the above map: add the following code to your Yahoo group description - if you have enough characters. You can alter various parameters as described below, in particular, change "Penrith" to text that finds your group.

<iframe scrolling="no" width=600 height=250

The first width and height options define the overall size of the iframe.

The subsequent parameters tell the tool what to do. All are optional.

Find a Group parameter list
Parameter Name Description
s Search Group name to search for
z Zoom Zoom factor if search successful, in range 1 to 15
f Focus Set to 1 if you want the search box to get focus initially
h Map height Map height in pixels
w Map width Map width in pixels

It is recommended that you set f to 0 for Yahoo group home pages.

Google gadget

A Google Gadget is a rectangular window that can be added to a blog, added to your iGoogle home or added a web site. The Find a Group gadget definition is here:


iGoogle is a personalised Google home page. You can add various gadgets to the iGoogle home page. Click here for the Freegle Find a Group gadget then "Add it now".

Alternatively, when in iGoogle, click on "Add stuff >>" near the top on the right. Search for "Freegle" then click on "Add it now".

Go "Back to iGoogle home". You can then edit various settings if you wish:

iGoogle edit gadget settings

Note that settings often do not change immediately - you may have to refresh the page to see the change.


If you use Blogger then you should be able to add a gadget easily to your blog layout. In Edit Layout, you should see "Add a gadget":

Blogger edit template screenshot

Once you have added Find a Group, it should say "Freegle re-use groups".

After clicking on "Add a gadget" you should see the "Add a gadget" window popup. The search does not find this gadget yet, so click on "Add your own". Then type in and click ADD BY URL:

Blogger Add your own gadget

You can then edit various options. The Title and Height define the gadget title and height - the width is determined by the available space in your blog template. The other options are as described above.

Blogger edit template configure gadget options

Add to any web page

You can add the Find a Group gadget to most web pages using this Google tool to configure the code required: Add this gadget to your webpage.

Getting the code to add the Find a Group gadget to your web site

When done, click "Get the Code" and copy the HTML into your web page.

Facebook app

The Find a Freegle Group is available as a part of the Freegle Facebook app here:


Google Maps technology relies on JavaScript. If a user has this switched off, the site should fall back to a suitable alternative.

Technical details

For details of the implementation, read Chris Cant's blog: Freegle Find a Group mashup.